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We have put together our collection of Guinness World Record Award Winning thinnest latex condoms to satisfy your every need. For a limited time only, score this exclusive pack of our bestselling 003 Platinum, 003 Real Fit and 003 Aloe condoms (each comes in box of four).

003 PLATINUM: At only half the thickness of normal latex condoms, 003 Platinum unrolls smoother and coupled with the fact that it has no rubber smell, you will never be disappointed when you go platinum.

003 REAL FIT: 003 Real Fit condoms are contoured to hug your curves for a closer, more natural fit. They roll on easy and do not have any of that annoying rubber smell. So you stay on top of your game in the most natural way possible.

003 ALOE: With Okamoto 003 Aloe and its water-based lubricant, we take the notion of smooth to another level. It is less messy, less sticky and washes off easy leaving no residue whatsoever. It is enriched with natural Aloe essence that prevents irritation and maintains moisture while you are getting your groove on