A true partner who understands the local market very well

We really love and care our customers. Moreover, we focus on products retailers, hospitals, government institutions, clinic owners, and, last but not least, product tenders. And we have our own sale & deliver teams and products specialists to care customers perfectly. So every product, we care, is successful in the market and we become part of our principles.

A unique partner in Myanmar market

We market and promote our brands more than distribution. Our sale team communicates with our customers via face to face selling. Spending a lot of time, energy and expense, we have built the powerful relationship with our customers. These verbal presentations and interactions with the buyers breed many effective sales representatives in Oral Care. With their extensive sales experience and regular visits, we are sure to live your products in the market.

We would be happy to become your win-win business partner.

Principle Objectives

1. To achieve a 65% market penetration within 3 years
2. To provide a wide range of quality product with reasonable prices.
3. To be an active and vocal team in our community.
4. To learn product knowledge.
5. To provide 100% satisfaction to our customers.