MacroMax is Myanmar’s Leading distributor of healthcare products and services primarily to office-based healthcare practitioners. The trading company was formed in 2018 when Oral Care Co., Ltd become a subsidiary of MacroMax.

We maintain strong management together with the commitment of Oral Care Co. Ltd, Myanmar's leading dental distributor. Most importantly, we are committed to being your trusted business partner and promise we will always care for all your dental needs.

Although the world is constantly changing this promise has not, and it stems from deep within our history. What we now know as MacroMax, began over 10 years ago in a small shop at the Corner of Anawrahta and Phone Kyi Road, Lanmadaw township, Yangon.We believed in providing exceptional products, services, and innovation.

In 2018, we turn the face of our business to dentistry by acquiring Oral Care Co., Ltd, introducing big brands such as Shofu, Septodont, Lascod, Geistlich, Bicon, Tomy, ASA, and so on. From here, Oral Care Company only grew and became a highly respected company in Myanmar.

We have over 10 years of experience providing you with our best services for you, and we will continue to do this for many years to come.

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